Canada Elections: Justin Trudeau Defeats Odds to Win Second Term as PM

They were called scandals big enough to wind the Liberal Party, but Canadians have once again put faith in their Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who won a second term in Canada elections as a man in charge. Beginning with SNC-Lavalin scandal before infamously adding another dent to his image as being a racist, nothing really affected Canada’s charismatic leader.

However, unlike 2015, Trudeau will lead a minority government that will be forced to join hands with some other party. “It’s not quite the same as 2015. It’s not all owing to the leader,” said Robert Bothwell, a professor of Canadian history and international relations at the University of Toronto.

“Trudeau is prime minister because the rest of the party was able to pull itself together and prevail. While Trudeau certainly deserves credit for what has happened he’s really going to have to demonstrate qualities that he hasn’t yet shown,” he added as a challenge for the re-elected leader.

Yet more than anything it was a moment to savor for Justin Trudeau, who won 157 seats in Canada elections – 13 short of the number required for a majority in the 338-seat House of Commons.

“Tonight Canadians rejected division and negativity. They rejected cuts and austerity. They elected a progressive agenda and strong action on climate change,” Trudeau said early Tuesday.

Call it co-incidence or otherwise, Trudeau’s address also came just as his political rival, Andrew Scheer, begun speaking to his own supporters, forcing the media to drift away. But the prime minister struck a pacifying note: “To those who did not vote for us, know that we will work every single day for you, we will govern for everyone.”

Trudeau and Liberals came back to power in 2015 after 10 years of Conservative governance, and fortunately remained intact even after the past few conflicting months. Interestingly, the former President of the United States Barack Obama, also made a willing endorsement and asked people of Canada to re-elect Trudeau. He stated that the world was in need of his progressive leadership.

On the other hand, Andrew Scheer called Trudeau a phony who could not even remember how many times he wore blackface. “Tonight Conservatives have put Justin Trudeau on notice,” Scheer said. “And Mr. Trudeau when your government falls, Conservatives will be ready and we will win,” he added as a mark of disrespect.

“He’s [Andrew Scheer] gone,” Bothwell said. “He ran a really dirty campaign. There is nothing to be proud of on his side. He had the opportunity and blew it.”

Nonetheless, as it stands, Liberal party will likely form an alliance with New Democrats to form a new government. Opposition leader Jagmeet Singh said Tuesday, he had even congratulated the prime minister and committed to play an important role in the parliament.

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