Is US Failing to Save Afghanistan from the Violent Spell of Taliban?

In a world moving with some of the most severe wars in human history, the Asian nation Afghanistan remains under internal devastation from several years now. Last week, another blast was added to the list of persistent attacks that are killing civilians. An explosive in the eastern Nangarhar province of Afghanistan, on Friday, ripped through a village mosque after the prayers.

The attack was caused by the explosives placed inside the mosque in the Jawdara area of Haska Mena district. Afghan officials highlighted that the attack killed at least 69 people and wounded around 50. Besides, a number of survivors were trapped by the collapse of the building’s roof, due to which the number of casualties could vary.

No group claimed responsibility of the Friday attack, which was condemned and called a “major crime” by the Taliban. The insurgent group attempted to put the blame on either the country’s Islamic State affiliate or the government.

In the past few months, the Taliban has been conducting several attacks, killing and injuring record number of civilians in the conflict. The group was involved in peace talks with the United States, which promised to withdraw its complete troops presence from the country. However, President Donald Trump abruptly ended the talks on September 8, inflaming the aggression that the Taliban has been dispensing over the Afghanis.

The rising assaults are also a result of the recent presidential elections, which have constantly been a sore point for the Taliban. The two reasons of the rising violence by them in the country come from 2001, when the US had taken away Taliban’s ruling power that was attained late in 1996. However, its regime faced condemnation for the extremely harsh execution of their interpretation of the Islamic sharia law.

Washington invaded Afghanistan after the 9/11 attacks, and ousted the Taliban from power, along with the Northern Alliance in October 2001. The American intervention was backed by a majority of Afghans, but it induced a lifelong internal conflict and political instability in the country. The counterterrorism efforts of America have not been much, as the Afghans are still under grave consequences of violence and deaths.

Recently, the Trump administration and the Taliban were involved in peace talks, under which Washington was supposed to withdraw its troops on agreement with the group. The US stated that the withdrawal would depend on the Taliban’s assurance of ending internal and global terror attacks. However, considering the frequent attacks, the American demands appear futile.

America’s entry to Afghanistan 18 years ago, had become a rescue for the people supressed under the Taliban’s rule, but the hopes have snuffed out with time. The Asian country remains in a dilemma, where both the presence and absence of the United States has a same meaning for the people.

The US Defense Secretary Mark Esper visited Kabul on Monday, saying that he planned to meet Afghan President Ashraf Ghani. He said that Washington is still aiming for a peace agreement, but didn’t give any deadline. Besides, the Afghan presidential election results were also confirmed by the Independent Election Commission (IEC) to have been delayed on Saturday.

As of now, the situation in Afghanistan is a rat’s nest, where both the elections and the peace talks remain uncertain. On the other hand, powerful insurgent groups, including the Taliban, al-Qaeda and the ISIS, continue to diffuse their violence on general public. The country that was supposed to have been freed from the brutality 18 years ago, still remains under its spell, while no escape is yet in sight.

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