Canada’s National Security Subject to Public Debate as Threats Grow

Post elections that saw Prime Minister Justin Trudeau form a minority government, the ex-national security advisor to Trudeau, Richard Fadden, said that Canada needs to be “clear-eyed” about threats by Russia and China.

Presently, Trudeau is busy making arrangements for his minority government as the deadline to reveal his new cabinet draws closer. However, the lack of emphasis on Canada’s national security has been a constant issue that wasn’t even discussed in the run up to the elections.

Understanding the situation on global front, it is known that the US has shifted its interests and grown isolated. “The risks posed by these two (Russia and China) countries are certainly different, but they are generally based on advancing all their interests to the detriment of the West,” Fadden said in his speech at the Conference of Defence Associations Institute (CDAI), Friday.

Explaining his statement, he said that it was not aimed at any political party, but was meant to prompt public debate about Canada’s national security and defense policies.

In recent years, Russia and China have made strategic gains to make a push against the West. The emerging situation means Canada needs to lay out its plans and work harder to address the global crisis, which Americans are least interested in carrying out.

Meanwhile, Trudeau’s Liberal Party has also been receptive with immigration from various war-torn nations in the Middle East. Also, when compared to other developed nations, Canada is soft on illegal immigration. Using the extended refugee policy, which transforms an illegal’s refugee to a legal migrant, the number of people reaching the nation each year is multiplying rapidly.

However, the moves are also deemed as a threat to national security because in the process of providing greater sense of solidarity to those arriving, efforts to screen out threats are getting significantly hampered.

The point where Canada needs to learn how cross borders threats can work against them, how Russia and China are eliminating them and what measures can be taken to safeguard their national interests.

“Right-wing terrorism is growing and, like its cousin jihadist terrorism, it is a globalized threat” and “we will ignore it at our peril” Fadden said as a sign of warning.

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