Trudeau to Unveil Cabinet Amidst Heightened Hopes on Climate Change

Declining climate conditions are increasingly leading the world towards the worst situation of human history. The issue is becoming big enough to grab the political attention, where authorities in Canada are already putting heavy emphasis on the subject of climate change.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently won the second term with a minority government. He will be unveiling his cabinet on Wednesday, since the parliament is scheduled to open its next session on December 5. As his campaign remained in circles with a message of balancing the economy and climate, the government to be formed is also expected to focus on green economy.

Last month, elections in Canada highlighted climate change as the major topic of its political discourse. Besides, Trudeau’s victory stated that the issue is also becoming a growing concern for Canadians. The recent polls revealed that the people want their PM to address the climate crisis in the second term.

In his first term, Trudeau had implemented a federal carbon pollution price with a rebate for individuals. It started at Canadian $20 per tonne and rising to Canadian $50 per tonne in 2022. After the recent elections, Trudeau recommitted to work on climate change.

Next month, the Prime Minister will be giving his throne speech, where environmentalists will be looking forward for signs about how his government will be approaching towards the climate crisis in the coming years.

The world is lacking behind in reducing the emissions, where global warming is becoming a major threat. In this deteriorating situation, Canada is currently world’s 10th-largest emitter. A government report released in April 2019 highlighted that the country is warming up at double the global rate, where the northern region is experiencing the repercussions of that heat.

An annual report from Climate Transparency released last week stated that member countries of the G20 are on their way to emit more in 2030 than they currently do. Besides, the conclusion of annual world energy outlook by the International Energy Agency (IEA) was also similar. It stated that the emissions, under current and planned global policies, will continue to rise for the next two decades, and that they will “lock in severe impacts from climate change”.

The United Nations had warned the world a year ago, about the consequences and the urgent requirement of action for the next decade. The planet is now witnessing rising oceans, heat waves, droughts, and more-common-than-ever destructive storms.

Where consequences are already visible, the situation is expected to become worse with time. Along with human cost, the spending in dollars are also expected to turn into trillions in future. Some leading scientists have highlighted that humanity could witness the temperature rise by 3-4 Celsius, if the current trajectory continued.

Where the world is gradually moving to combat the issue, Canada has also decided to follow the trail. During the recent election campaign, Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party had promised to achieve deeper cuts by 2030 and reach net-zero emission by 2050. With the revelation of his cabinet, he will be giving people an idea about whether the country is on the right path to address the climate change problem.

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