Conservative Party at Crossroads Over Andrew Scheer’s Resignation

Last updated on December 4th, 2019

They seemed to be a party pretty much on the same page, but as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau rose to power again, the Conservative Party has grown visually frustrated with their leader Andrew Scheer.

Scheer who many believed was neck-to-neck in fight for the prime position, has failed to put trust back in party members. In an interview with The West Block’s Mercedes Stephenson, Jenni Byrne, former campaign director for Stephen Harper, said there is a continuous risk to the party if Scheer continues to hold the position. Also, with the growing spat, the party is at the risk of getting split into supporters for and against the current leader.

In October, when Justin Trudeau won the election, Scheer accused him of being a phony and claimed putting Liberal party on notice, so when they fall, the Conservatives can take over. However, the case has become vice-versa for the Conservative Party and their leader, who face uncertainty over their proceedings in the near future.

“The last week, it has gripped the party in a way that nothing else is being discussed and it’s going to continue to do that leading into the leadership race,” Byrne said. “If we continue to do that, we are going to do nothing but give Justin Trudeau a free ride in terms of the next five months, because that’s all people are talking about,” former campaign director added.

Despite being on the receiving end, Scheer has insisted that he is the best Conservatives can have and sidelined all bids to give up his designation. Two weeks ago, Long-time Conservative senator Jean-Guy Dagenais, quit the party portraying Scheer’s opposition to same-sex marriage and abortion as backward and untenable as a leader.

At a meetup with caucus members and failed candidates in Montreal, Scheer again faced ousting calls, followed by more than moderate bids to give up from the campaign organizers and candidates around the Ottawa area later in the week.

However, despite so much outrage there are some who still want him to keep the job. Among candidates loyal to Scheer is Garnett Genuis, MP for the Alberta riding of Sherwood Park–Fort Saskatchewan.

And in a panel counterstatement to Byrne, he said that he doesn’t put his trust in voices calling out against the Conservative leader. “I do not share that characterization of the grassroots opinion but we’re going to find out in April. Clearly there are individuals who have a different point of view,” he said.

Befitting decorum within the Conservative ranks has taken over a lot of other issues that must be discussed at this time, and the longer it stays this way, the better it will be for Justin Trudeau and his Liberal party come April.

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