The NHS row steals the scene of the UK general election 2019

National Health Service (NHS) has become a sore spot for United Kingdom’s population. During his recent visit to Grimsby, Prime Minister Boris Johnson was criticised by Labour Party’s Melanie Onn for paying a call to the town’s fish market, while ignoring the troubled Diana Princess of Wales Hospital.

As UK general election 2019 is just two days away, the failure of Conservative Party in offering a robust solution for NHS crisis is hurting their chances to win. Moreover, this time Brexit alone may not help them to gain majority.

NHS dramatically stole the scene of the UK general election 2019 after a picture of a ailing 4-year-old boy forcefully resting on a hospital floor instigated Boris Johnson’s first notable blunder of the election campaign.

According to a study by prominent NHS doctors, at least 5,500 patients have died in the last three years due to unavailability of bed for six hours and 11 hours in the overcrowded hospitals. In such cases, the patients are made to wait on a trolley in A&E unit, until the bed gets vacant for them.

Mounting pressure from families of victims, who died of NHS shortcomings, and widespread outrage from people have put Boris Johnson’s campaign in a fragile state.

Having said that, during the UK general election 2019 campaign, the Labour party has repeatedly underlined the outstanding performance of the NHS, making it a key issue for voters, outpacing Brexit.

The NHS has been long-guiding the election campaigns in the UK. In 1992, the case of a young girl’s treatment for glue ear, also named as War of Jennifer’s Ear, led to recriminations after Labour cited her case to blame Tory’s underfunding of the health service. Also during the 2001 campaign, Tony Blair faced backlash by the partner of a cancer patient who was dissatisfied from the treatment.

If Boris Johnson comes out victorious in the UK general election 2019, he might attain a personal victory played on the cards of Brexit. But, in reality, the most pressing issue of NHS will again take a back seat.

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