Scheer Faces Audit Post Resignation as Conservatives Stay Divided

Facing calls to give up after a disheartening loss in the October general elections, the leader of Conservative Party Andrew Scheer, has finally resigned. In the aftermath of the elections, Scheer became the target of critical editorials from Conservatives, mostly for his stance over LGBTQ+ issues. The leader continuously refused to support and march in Pride parades and sidelined his support for gay marriage.

Andrew Scheer announced his intention to step down at an emergency caucus meeting on Thursday. However, shortly after the news broke, Global News reported that he had used the party funds to pay for his children’s private school education.

The reports paved way for worse, with Toronto Star reporting that the outgoing Conservative leader is facing an internal audit in the wake of inappropriate use of funds.

The decision to open an internal audit came after findings that Conservative Party Executive Director Dustin van Vugt approved use of funds to cover the tuition fees for Scheer’s five children.

Meanwhile, senior Conservatives, including the chair of the board, said the cost undertaken at the party’s expense was not in their knowledge. While, another Conservative source quoted that the tuition expenses were already included in the list of financial matters sent to the board for approval.

Whatever be the truth, the issue has once again highlighted the ongoing ruckus within the party. Ironically, the divide stays even after Andrew Scheer’s resignation, which for a moment, looked as the perfect solution to end the political infight.

On Thursday, in an emotional speech to the House of Commons, Scheer thanked his party and family for their support. “In order to chart the course ahead, this party needs a leader who can give 100% to this effort. So after a conversation with my kids, my loved ones, I felt it was time to put my family first,” he said. He was also praised by the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for his dedication. However, little did he know at that time, what awaited him next.

Nonetheless, Andrew Scheer will stay on until a new leader is elected, and has already asked the party’s governing council to initiate the process.

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