French Protesters Crushed by Brutal Pension Reforms; Face Police

France has known a great course of protests – ranging from the Yellow Vest movement to protests against pension reforms. Asking for a better pay and respect for their jobs recently, put French firefighters at the receiving end of teargas fired by French police who were using batons in addition. While police’s use of violence is increasing, many policemen say it only responds to the level of violence they face during France protests. After seven weeks of a record and historic strike that closed the Parisian rail network and caused chaos in the French capital, Parisian restaurateurs also emerged as one of the worst hit victims.

Since December 5, Paris has been besieged by strikes opposing the attempt by French President Emmanuel Macron to reform the country’s pension into a single, universal point system. Unions say the reforms are set out to harness people’s efforts for longer, at a lower cost and launched a record 7-week strike in response.

Union leader representing France protests against the bitterly contested pension reforms in France, has charged Emmanuel Macron with playing with fire and giving no importance to the workers of the country.

Philippe Martinez, head of the mighty CGT, said that the president and his government had no idea what was going on in the real world and that their advisers had to “shake hands with a few who actually work hard and seriously.

It is true that France Pension Protests led by the French demonstrators present a historical phase in the history of France in general and more specifically in the history of the French trade union.

But if we try to dig deeper, and if we try to interpret everything that has been going on in France for months, we can see that pension protests, and strikes that France has experienced in the recent months seem to have a negative influence on the country’s economy. Above all, on the transport sector and tourism.

One of the French lawyers looking after several alleged police brutality cases said; “Withdrawing one type of grenade doesn’t change anything, other grenades which are still in use do the same thing.”

Although the concept of the pension bill, pension protests and strikes, are good for the history of France and the image that it represents and chooses to reflect upon the rest of the world, but this also weakens the essential pillars of the country more and more: economy, tourism, transport, daily life. Therefore, it is in no way for the benefit of the French people.

We are faced with two possible scenarios: either the French government, and above all Emmanuel Macron, agrees to cancel the reform, or, certainly, another method of demonstration will emerge from among the demonstrators.

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