Is Donald Tusk’s Failure to Fight Orban Where Europe Falters Next?

They call him core of the center right and his ideas Eurosceptic, Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban, has indeed said a lot about Europe and his vision to grip the entire continent. It was last year when his Fidesz Party got suspended from the European People’s Party (EPP), following government-sponsored attack on the then European Commission’s President, Jean-Claude Juncker.

On Tuesday, Europe’s largest political bloc upheld the suspension of Hungary’s ruling Fidesz Party, yet standing divided on how to go forward. The decision came at the EPP’s political assembly in Brussels.

At the meeting, group President Donald Tusk said he is “quite critical” with regard to keeping Prime Minister Orban’s party inside the bloc. Speaking from the European Parliament, Romanian MEP and EPP member, Siegfried Muresan said: “Fidesz will remain a suspended party member of the EPP. Their suspension from participating in meetings, not having the right to vote or obtain leadership positions will continue.”

The doctrine that is completely conflicting with regard to what the leaders of Europe desire. The proposal that came on Tuesday suggested Fidesz regaining its lost position, but if the party regains position without power, what is the use anyway.

Contrarily, laying nexus over what Donald Tusk said, it is clear that he wants Orban back. But if Tusk and his idea of Europe is looked upon, Orban would always fail to fit in. The European leader is a well-known staunch defender of what he calls ‘fundamental European values’ that begin with solidarity, freedom and unity in the face of threats both, from the inside and outside.

To say the least, the 2015 refugee crisis, which fueled the rise of populism, and of course Brexit for that cause, has already jolted the standing of Europe. And if that was not enough, the US elected Donald Trump, who has launched a series of trade wars whilst playing with fire in the most invincible position a business mogul ever has.

The Diary

Recently, Tusk published the diary he kept during his time running the European Union. The book, which he has named Szczerze (Frankly), is out in Polish and reportedly talks about how turbulent situations were handled in Europe. The record that is also home to his will that Britain should never leave the European Union, and how he hoped until the very last moment that perhaps Brexit won’t happen.

On 13 July 2016 he wrote: “In the evening I sent my congratulations to the newly nominated prime minister of the United Kingdom, Theresa May. In the coming months I will probably spend more time with her than with my own family.”

And indeed in the following years, Tusk tried to protect May from being the target of leaders within the EU. In most cases he alone has fought both sides: UK’s interest in Brussels and EU’s interests in the UK.

So How Does Viktor Orban Fit?

On some of the Europe’s biggest challenges, it is well known that Tusk was clear sighted and displayed better instincts. Be it refugee crisis in 2015, Germany’s outgoing chancellor Angela Merkel’s open border policy or trying to save Britain from falling trap to populism, he stood firm amidst disasters.

But as Donald Tusk now steps out post completing his two-term stint, the truth is he still does not want to leave and stop doing good to the continent. But in his role as the head of the center-right EPP group in the European parliament, he faces a challenge bigger than Brexit.

To stay at this position, Tusk must resolve the chaos raged by Viktor Orban and his Fidesz. The populist party is bashing the norms of democracy, sidelining immigrants, making use of Islamophobia and turning Hungry into one politically destroyed nation.

Fidesz should of course be out of EPP, but its toothless leaders have held democracy hostage and people as slaves. Tragically, for Tusk, this is where right and wrong vanquish.

He and Orban share a really good bond. His Hungarian counterpart supported him in 2017 for the re-election to the EU position in 2017. Now, Tusk, a passionate leader filled with integrity and solidarity towards Europe must choose between democratic values or the loyalty towards his friend. And in such dilemma that prevails, he has decided to leave his position and resurrect his political career in Poland.

So, when Orban fits in, Tusk will have to take the blame, despite his contributions to make Europe beat as a heartbeat.

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