Last updated on October 1st, 2018

True News Source; Reporting The News That Matters.


Established in the year 2017, True News Source is a Canadian website that operates as a hub for social news stories. We deliver stories from Canada and its adjoining nations that have gained immense traction among audiences on the Internet.

We cover stories that are important to our readers, coming from different walks of life to help them connect to and know what is going on in the world. Like the name suggests, while delivering stories on True News Source, we strictly ensure that it reaches you in its truest forms, without the facts and figures fiddled with.

The team at True News Source follows the path of democracy and stands for the freedom of journalism. Thus, big or small, we report stories that expose the instances of injustice and impact the system, changing the way of life.

We cover the following categories under the umbrella of world news:

Our team comprises of dedicated staff who only believe in bringing to you the real news!

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